The concept

We want our guests to fall in love with the place and we want them to appreciate our concept that much, that they become addicted to Villa and their holidays in Vence. This way is much better and more pleasant for us as well. – And upon departure it is much easier to say the words ”see you in ….” – instead of ”good bye”.

We have successfully being running the Guest House in Saint Paul de Vence with the same objective since 2002 and this has been the background for the expansion of our offerings. Today we run both places – still just for fun – and we have created our own standard to cosset and service our guests – and that might addict you a little bit !

You will be more ”self-catered” in the villa compared to our Guest House, but the spirit from Le Haut des Espinets has moved in and our service concept will support that we anyway will see each other now and then during your stay.

When you arrive at the villa you will be met by fresh flowers, fruit on the table and some chilly wine in the wine-fridge at the bar. Based on your order we have also filled the fridge with your favorite bottles prior to your arrival and the same goes for beer, water, firewood, gas for the outdoor heaters, charcoal and the other items you might have crossed on the checklist.

In the double rooms we have prepared the pillows filled with goose down for you. They are covered with sun dried and fresh mangled linen made of Indian cotton, which is very appreciated by many guests. In this modern industrialized and automated world, it is relatively unique to find such beds – even on very fine hotels.

All bathrooms are of course equipped with towels, bath-ropes and all the other items you, as a comparison, would expect at a five start hotel.

The villa has its own petanque court, but we did not find space enough for a tennis court. If you want to play tennis, you are welcome to use the tennis court at Le Haut des Espinets.

If you like to go out for dining, we will be happy to assist you with recommendations and table reservation. The nearest restaurant with a recognized kitchen is placed in five minutes walking distance.